Looking for a small darley

  1. Hi all, I'm planning on getting my first mulberry and wanted it to be this small darley in bright navy


    However it is sold out and wanted to ask where else can I find/buy mulberry bags so I can look for it? I'm in NYC by the way

    Finally sorry if this thread should not have been posted. I read the new to mulberry sticky thread and kept searching for a mulberry shopping subforum but couldn't find one. Am I missing something?

  2. Hi - the bag currently shows as in stock on Mulberry.com....


    This is the "searching for" thread.........


    Good luck!
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  3. Thanks so much for responding. So odd when I was looking it was sold out. Glad it's in stock now and looks like I'm loving rosewater Clifton bag too omgosh this might be the start of a new addiction.

    Would you happen to know if sellers carry other colors? I'd love the amberley clutch in the bright navy color but don't know if that combo ever existed.