looking for a small crossbody bag to carry my stuff on a cruise....

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  1. any ideas?? under $100, unless it's fantastic...preferably under $50. this is something i wouldn't use often, certainly, but just want something to carry around the sunscreen and room key on the cruise. has to be stylish too, though...of course. function isn't everything! :love:

    TIA for any suggestions!
  2. have you tried a coach outlet, or lesportsac?
  3. There are a couple of cute ones on the Dooney & Bourke site, one with a front pocket, one without.

    Letter Carrier 01 (zipper top, no pocket)

    Letter Carrier 02 (zipper top, front pocket)

    The second one is on my Christmas list! They're both $145.00, and are available in a bunch of fabric/leather trim color combos. Taupe/black trim is my favorite. :love:
  4. My favorite so far - what do you think?

    Etsy :: Tapestry Tote
    $30 plus shipping



    height(not counting strap or handle): 10"
    width: 9"
    depth: 2.5"
    strap length: 47"
  5. It's a little over budget, but how about this Marc by Marc Jacobs:

  6. I just bought a Coach sling pack which will hold your key, sunscreen and a few other small things, it is perfect. I paid full price at the boutique but then saw several other styles at the outlet a week later for over 50% off that price!:crybaby:
  7. On my cruise, I used a Coach swingpack and it would out perfectly. Maybe you can check the outlets or ebay.
  8. thanks for the ideas, all....the coach outlet would be perfect if i weren't leaving in a week :smile: i really like the etsy stuff - i'm going to spend some time on their site this morning. thanks, passerby!

    the marc by marc is darling, but there's no link....i'll go check a couple of spots for it, though :smile:

    keep the ideas coming...this really is helpful! thanks!
  9. Sorry about that! The Marc by Marc is at Zappos:

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbags Jessie's Jazz Mini Pouch - Free Shipping & Return Shipping
  10. definitely the coach swingpack..! LOVE it..! i've got one myself! :yahoo:
  11. If you like handpainted leather, you might wish to consider an Anuschka hanging French purse:

    Anuschka Hanging French Purse - Free Shipping & Return Shipping

    Dimensions: 5" x 5.5" x 3.5"

    Drop Length: Drop (distance from shoulder or handle to top of bag): 28"