Looking for a Small Cross-Body Style. Any Suggestions?

  1. I'm looking for a small, clutch-style purse (9 - 11 inches wide, about 5-6 inches high) that can be worn cross-body style. I've seen a few but none that really grabbed me. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Wow, thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm at work (shh!) so I'll have to check these out when I get home. I prefer leather, mockinglee, but am open to other materials. As for color, a good everyday color so black or tan (I wear colors that would mostly go with tan). Of course my favorite color is green, so if I saw a wonderful green bag, I would have to endulge.
  3. Hi, may I suggest that you contact moxieandoliver, if interested? Here's a wristlet but I think the seller can make a much longer strap, if desired.



    I think she does beautiful custom work. Here's a customised squeeze leather coin purse made by her (not for me):

  4. Wow, passerby, the wristlet is beautiful. I will have to look into this site. Thanks.
  5. Omiword, that wristlet puts Coach's legacy stuff to shame. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.
  6. This is a messenger bag made of cotton:



    Overall Size: H6.5" x W9.5" x D3" H16.5 x W24 x D7.5cm

    Front Pocket: H4" x W7" H10 x W18cm
    Internal Zip Pocket: H5" x W4.5" H12.75 x 11.5cm
    Adjustable Strap 46"(max) 117cm(max)

  7. jesswitaj is another excellent bag maker on Etsy. This bag is made of corduroy and can be made in just about any colour combination you want. I think you can ask her to make the strap much longer so that the bag can be slung across the body.


    6.5" tall x 10" wide x 2.75" deep

  8. A Chanel mini flap. Its about the size you want, and the advantage is that the strap can be worn in 3 different lengths, one of those being cross body, style giving you 3 different bags, which is just as well as it costs an arm and a leg, but i love it. Its a stylish classic that'll last forever. :tup: