Looking for a similar ring...

  1. Hey guys! I'm trying to find a ring like this one....help? I tried to find good pictures of it (they're all pictures of the same ring)...Thank you :p


    This one is just to show the size?

  2. The pictures are a wee bit small for my eyes, lol...is the center a single diamond with a halo of diaomonds around it?
  3. Yeah...unfortunately they were all I could find, heh :sweatdrop:. I think you're right about the center with the diamond and the diamonds around it.
  4. Have you looked anywhere yet? That type of setting seems to be common lately. There are some on this listing for settings: Buy Diamond Engagement Rings & Settings Online (scroll down a little bit) but if you had a jeweler you trusted they could probably do a halo custom for you as well.
  5. Thanks LV Rawks and Blue 824. I was just trying to find the right wording when describing the ring so I could find it online. This helps a lot :biggrin:.