Looking for a Signature Tote or Carryall.. any ideas?

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  1. I am looking for a Signature tote or carryall bag. I finally realized that i need a bigger bag.

    I do not like the recently ones aka reverseable tote because they do not align on the bottom or sides and thats seems careless and not well made. Maybe its me but they feel a bit cheap compared to something that came out in 2003.

    Can anyone recommend a style for me? I liked the beaded metallic tote but it is a bit hard to find and the used thes on eBay have horrible suede wear.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Deweydrop, do you happen to have any pics or your blue patent tote?? I'm loving that bag and would like to see some poeple modeling it if anyone owns it. Thanks!!
  3. I don't have a picture of me holding it...but here are ones I do have...

  4. ahhh i love it in the blue! i bought one for my mom in the mahogany and have definately snuck it out when she isnt looking haha
  5. Gallery Tote For Sure! They Are Lifesavers! And Not So Muchmoney That You Have To Baby Them And Forgo Them For Everyday Use! Durable As All Get Out In Addition.
  6. i decided on a med carryall, but i heard it is not in stores anymore and will be hitting outlet in 3-6 months. i was so sad.. i wanted it now. ebay does not offer this color.
  7. OOH!:heart:
    The patent tote is GORGEOUS! (runs to go look on Ebay)!
    This forum is BAD!:nuts:
  8. the hampton's medium carryall is not in stores, but last week i ordered the black sig thru the coach store (they ordered it & will have it shipped when avail). i'm soo excited...expecting it this week! woohoo!!
  9. Hi Dewey,

    I am new here. Im a petite, however I love tote. May I know, what is the top closure of the bag? I prefer zip-close so items wont fall out or hands sneaking in, lol.

    If isnt too much to ask, do you have picture of the top so we can see the closure? Thank you :smile:
  10. oop sorry just seen the 3rd pic :S
  11. Hi...you can see the closure in this picture...it's a dogleash closure (i know there is alot of crap in there...sorry)


    and here is me wearing it for those that asked...

  12. :love: Thank you for being so accomodating, I just realiased you have the picture on top. Silly me :oh: It is so beautiful on you :yes:

    Do you know the retail price(so i can give right amount to her) ?
    Is the price at LAX more or less, same as in the coach boutique ?
    There is one on sales at the moment on ebay (yestore), the price is $239.99.

    BTW, if she finds it then it will be my 1st coach! :drool:

    I think there is no coach outlet in arizona, sorry if I am wrong. A friend is going to the states (Arizona, dont know where exactly) this weekend, so i asking her to buy the tote.