Looking for a SGH flat messenger

  1. Has anyone seen a Silver Giant hardware in a flat messenger ( not flat hobo as most s.a. at Barneys ny claim)? Am I looking and desiring something that does not exist? please help!!! so i can move on w my obsession or keep searching:hysteric:
  2. Anyone????? Please?????:confused1:
  3. I'm a flat messenger fan and have never seen them with GH at all. Not sure they made them.
  4. ^^ that's also known as the "besace GH messenger" & it only comes in GH (gold & silver)...there's also a flat messenger style that only comes in RH (see below) :okay:

  5. Thanks for your help ladies:tup:. Unfortunately, it doesnt exist.:tdown: The bag on eBay that was sent by bags4fun is af lat hobo not a flat messenger. I guess I'll be moving on to see if there is a flat messenger (men's day) in electric blue w rh.:girlsigh:
  6. It's my understanding that the flat messenger is only available with SH, not GH.
  7. ^^ the flat hobo messenger comes in RH only & the besace messenger (which is also flat) comes in SGH & GGH :wlae:
  8. I am also looking for the besace messenger. Yesterday I went to Barney's and saw the black besace messenger with silver giant hardware. SA said that there is only black color for the besace messenger. Is it right? I am looking for the brown besace messenger with gold giant hardward. If you saw it recently, please let me know.....
  9. There have been a couple of these lately on www.smartbargains.com. for $900 and then if you have the 10% off code it's only $800. I think they now have pine green and dark brown (cafe) with giant gold hardware.
    HG bags has a skye blue with silver for $1075.00