Looking for a Sasha in White, Grey, or Black

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  1. Looking for a Sasha in White, Grey, or Black
    TIA for help!
  2. I price matched at Endless and received it overnight. This is the most delicious leather ever and satin silver hw goes so well... Love it!
  3. Glad you love it! Post pics when you can!
  4. pigalle74 can you post a picture? The one I saw on endless has gold hardware instead of silver. How do you get them to price match? They wouldn't do it for me because it is no longer on sale on the other website. Do you mind sharing your order number? Their CSR told me they can honor the price if I can prove someone else got it for cheaper.
  5. The one I received from endless had silver hardware, I know the pics show gold but I think they're just re-using old pics. Unfortunately they can only price match while the promo is running. AA has ended the promo. I'm sorry but I can't post my order number here.
  6. thanks anyway girl. Can you still post pictures here? I had heard the leather is sort of Alexander Wang ish... true?
  7. AsterAlice is having a flash sale till midnight tonight EST..it's $369 again!
  8. Such a white color is my favorite color and i am also every time wear a white shoes...