Looking For A Round Le Sportsac

  1. This summer I purchased a cute little all white Le Sportsac mini from eBay. I absolutely love it for carrying around my basic essentials. It is 7 inches in diameter, and has a 3 inch gusset, with a 40 inch woven shoulder strap.
    There is a zipper in the top gusset, and a zipper pocket in the front. I paid around $10 for it.

    I would like to purchase more of these cute purses in other colors! I have to wash my white one every day as it picks up dirt quite easily. Does anyone know where and how I can get more? The LeSportsac web site has no indication of this bag, and the eBay seller I bought from only had this one and didnt know where to find more as she got it from a garage sale, i think.

    Any help would be most appreciated!