Looking for a Reissue in size 225~~ any info?

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  1. Hi~*
    I'm returning my chanel bag today at NM.
    I was looking for a reissue bag in size 225 for sooooo long.....
    I went to NM and they didn't have any reissues, so I purchased a bag that I wasn't 100% sure about. It's been over a week since I got it, and I'm regretting the purchase. I see the reissues everywhere because I want them sooo much!! :wtf:

    Does anyone know where I can find a reissue in size 225 2008 model?

    Metallic Black, Metallic White, Metallic Navy, or Metallic DS....
    I don't know which one I should get.....


  2. I think most department stores are not getting the 225 sizes. Since you are in US, you better call 1-800 to ask them to check which boutiques get the 225 size. I know SF ordered 225 size & probably Tysons Corner, VA. They ship for sure, I got mine from SF last year.
  3. Ceci~*

    thanks for your post! :yes:
    Do you like your DS 225 reissue??
    Does it go well with casual clothes & jeans~~?
    Does it get dirty easily?
    I don't baby my bag like other girls, so... I'm a little worried.....
    Do you regret getting your DS reissue??


  4. Saks has 225 in metallic purple. Call around.
  5. Delyse did have a 225 in purple at Saks in troy, mi. Her # is 248-808-0712. Hope you find one.
  6. I think someone just posted that there is a 225 DS at Chanel Hawaii!
  7. Jina, I don't baby my DS at all. In fact yesterday I took it out even it's snowing ( Yes, it snowed in Halifax, NS yesterday :Push:smile:
    I have mine since last July. It still in great shape. & I wear it with jeans & casual clothes almost 90%. Usually, I clean the bag & put it back into the dust bag after I wear each time.
  8. I just returned a Metallic Purple 225 bag yesterday to Saks BH so I know Saks ordered the 225 size. You can call them and see what other colors they have.
  9. Thank you~~:heart:

    I called chanel hawaii but they told me they didn't have the DS in 225... :sad:
    I guess someone bought it before I called???

    I'm looking for either the black, dark silver or White reissues.....

    It's so hard.....:crybaby:

    I'll try calling SAKS today....

    Thank you everyone for your help.....