Looking for a Red Mahala?!?!

  1. I can't find a red mahala anywhere- not eBay, not jimmychoo.com, not even at the boutique! :sad:

    Does anyone know if this color is still being made? I need need need one!

    If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks!!! :p
  2. the red mahala was seasons back. they have a plum mahala which is just as great on jimmy choo's website.
  3. ellebar, I would be very surprised if you find an authentic red mahala. They are sold out in stores and boutiques. If you go to eBay make sure you put it in the authentication thread. As consolation, there are some gorgeous colors this season.
  4. Thanks for all your help!!!

    Should any of you come across one in the near future..please let me know!!! :okay::tup:
  5. The red sold out very quickly. It was one of the first lauch of the Mahala. You may find one on e-bay, I do occasionally see an authentic one there, I think that would be your best bet, as someone may be cleaning their closet, etc. Like the previous posts have said, make sure you authenticate it.