Looking for a red hangbag...any suggestions?

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  1. under $2K please. .any and all suggestions welcomed. If you have a red bag you love, what is it? Thanks!
  2. Kooba Elisha tote in red?
  3. rebecca minkoff has some nice red bags.
  4. Since you mentioned a fairly high price limit, I'm going to suggest the Bottega Veneta hobo in red. I bought it last summer and I LOVE it. The bottega shape is classic and the woven leather is amazing, and the handbag itself is soft and smooshy but still has amazing shape. It's great because it's a classic in a color that really pops, but still manages to be a year-round color. And a color that's a classic in it's own way (red will never go out of style).

    BV is great because people will recognize the brand if they're into that kind of thing, but there are no outer labels or anything. It's subtle and refined.

    The red itself is a true red, not an orangey-red.

    The small one is $1500 and the large is $1850.
  5. Here is a picture of my red BV hobo
  6. i agree about rebecca minkoff, balenciaga, hayden harnett, kooba...i'd check out lunaboston.com...they have varied designers and colors...
  7. I just bought the LV Red Alma...It is a beautiful Classic Bag and retails for about 1100.00. LV's Epi Line has a number of red bags. Check out Louis Vuitton.com.
  8. Balenciaga
  9. I have fallen in love with my Rebecca Minkoff Morning After in Wine. It's probably my favorite bag at the moment. Here's my son (5 years) modeling, which is why it looks so big.

    And if you want a shoulder strap, I've read from other bloggers that you can order one to go with your RM bag by emailing through her site.
    winema1.jpg winema2.jpg
  10. ^THAT. IS. SO. BEAUTIFUL! LOL, even though I own the mini, your pics make me want to buy a regular sized MA! It looks so beautiful in the wine color and I think the size of the bag is perfect for the deep hue of the red. :yes:
  11. I second the LV Alma, Balenciaga, and the RM MA :smile:
  12. ^ITA ... Balenciaga has some beautiful reds!
  13. I am crazy about my red Balenciaga City bag.....it's wonderful!!
  14. Balenciaga or Botkier