Looking for a red crossbody WOC or similar, which designer would you recommend?


Jul 8, 2015
Hi! Looking for a lipstick red crossbody or woc. My budget is $850ish. I already own the rose beige gucci disco bag or else i'd be getting it in red too. I love the style and color of the gucci soho WOC but since I just bought the disco i'd rather get something else. The prada WOC is too small for me. I'd love to get a preowned Chanel WOC but they're a little out of reach price wise. Could yall recommend some other designers? I typically just buy Prada and I recently moved to a small town that doesn't have any designer stores (the horror!) so i'll be either buying online or picking it up next time i'm in nyc. Thanks! :smile:


Mata Hari wannabe!!
Dec 27, 2007
Ferragamo Vara. The space and pockets are the most ideal to organize my stuffs. Chanel woc is too small for me.