looking for a red chanel bag

  1. I really want a red chanel bag. However, I do not live near any dept. stores that charry chanel or chanel boutiques. And I am very scared to purchase one on ebay. I have a good eye for spotting fakes, but sometimes you just can't tell.

    Does anyone have any advise? Or recommendations. I want a medium sized tote, and if I just had some suggestions as to what to ask for, I'm not opposed to calling the Chanel stores to see if they carry it or have it in stock. I'm really not fond of any of the new06/07 bags coming out, as they are not a true red.

    Any advise is welcome, as to style recommendations, ebay horror stories, or ebay positives.

  2. hm... maybe you should look around this forum for pics and style. then calll chanel 1800 number and they should be able to track if any of the boutique carries the bag.
    good luck.