Looking for a RED bag for fall

  1. I'm in the market for a new red bag for fall. Right now my collection is varied with MJ, Chloe, Bottega, Hayden Harnett, Prada. I'm not into any particular brand, but I'm wondering if anyone has seen anything Interesting? I would use it as an everyday bag, and I do like a bigger bag, but nothing too heavy. Thanks in advance!
  2. I was looking for a nice red bag too and i chose a red balenciaga twiggy, from fall '05. I believe this season's red is a brighter richer red. they're very beautiful, light, and functional....and you can get a variety of sizes depending on what you need.

    here are pics of mine:
    balenciaga 009.jpg balenciaga 004.jpg balenciaga 007.jpg balenciaga 011.jpg
  3. Goldensx5 posted this red muse bag on the YSL forum TDF:P . Check out her post.
    Large Red Muse.jpg
  4. Def agree on this one. I've got one in choclate but red is the next prospect bag for me too. If you want roomy bag but not too heavy, i think large size is right for you.
  5. I agree with Rose & Meandmybags. The Muse is a really pretty and classic everyday bag shape that is dual purpose (you can dress up or dress down very easily). It is a sophisticated looking bag. There may possibly be two reds though. The one I have which is more of a dark Bing cherry/burgundyish color and then there 'might' be another in more of a brick red that is not yet in.

    DSRM also pointed out the Balenciaga red. The twiggy, City & Purse styles are nice sized everyday bags too. This fall '06 there is a beautiful Rouge VIF color (fire engine red some call it) and then there is a Grenat color. I would not think about taking these bags to a professional business meeting though. They are more on the sexy/edgier side. Great dress down or sexier/edgier dress up style bags.
  6. i would say balenciaga or muse...
  7. I also recommend the Rouge Vif/Fire Engine Red from Balenciaga. A good everyday size is the City. It also has a detachable shoulder strap. l_b just posted pics of her gorgeous Rouge Vif City in the Balenciaga Subforum.:heart:
  8. Don't know if you eBay or not, but Coco's Closet (seller ID ariail54) has several really nice red bags. She doesn't sell fakes, by the by.

    I'm currently in resistence mode though, or I'd be all over a couple of them myself. No more bags for a while.:crybaby:
  9. Does anyone know which red Muse is the darker one? I find the description above a bit confusing - is the brick red supposed to be lighter and the bag pictured above the darker one?
  10. I've had my eye on something red from the LV epi collection. I don't know exactly which bag yet, but maybe one of the styles would suit you too?
  11. Here are my suggestions in no particular order ....

    red Balenciaga (the current shade of red is gorgeous)
    red epi Speedy
    bordeaux patent leather Jimmy Choo Riki or Romona
    red Alexander McQueen Novak

    All of these bags are gorgeous. If you want me to find pics of any of these bags let me know. Let us know what you decide to get.
  12. GORGEOUS! :nuts:
  13. That Muse is GORGEOUS :nuts:
  14. Just wanted to add my two cents worth....i recently saw a GORGEOUS chanel bowler in the luxury line. i don't know the exact name of the bag, but this is the bag i mean. it was in RED and the leather was TDF. it's a more toned-down red though, darker than the b bag red pix here....