Looking for a really durable nylon shoulder bag/tote/satchel -- any suggestions?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking for a really durable nylon shoulder bag/tote/satchel (bonus points if you can carry it cross-body/messenger-style as well), in any color really. Budget up to $500, the more value for money, the better. I need it easy to maintain and clean.

    I have looked at a couple of MZ Wallace bags and thought they were cute, but I wanted to hear from those who own nylon bags -- give me their pros and cons, thanks very much!
  2. ohhh the MZ Wallace totes are cute!

    i have a Longchamp Planetes tote (large black, with long black handles). it's sturdy nylon, so it keeps it shape much better than the Longchamp Le Pliages. i love it because it large enough for work folders, laptop in sleeve, lunch, shoes, and even to put my handbag in if it's raining! i got mine on Magnums.net.
  3. Thanks beano, I will look into that tote. :smile:
  4. I was also going to recommend Longchamp. They have a particular bag that can be worn messenger style. I love Longchamp as they are very durable (I have one that I've been using for the last 8 years consistently, and it has help up well).

    Kate Spade also makes a cute, nylon messenger bag. For something more "messenger-like", I also recommend Timbuk2.
  5. Thanks Suli, I'll look into Kate Spade and Timbuk2 as well!
  6. I recommend Longchamp, too. The Pliage bags don't complain when you treat them roughly, they don't mind rain and you can even put them in the washing machine (although I have never done that).
  7. I agree, I think Longchamp really has the best durable nylon totes.
  8. I suggest that you check out Tumi and Herve Chapelier, as they have some nice nylon bags.
  9. Hayden Harnett Ibizas are great. They can be worn cross-body. They are padded enough to use as a laptop bag. They fold up to convert to a smaller day bag. I co-own a handbag shop in Seattle and we sell tons of these to girls for work, school, travel. Just an all-around great bag.
  10. Believe it or not.....Prada! Yes, don't groan.....there's an interesting thread in the Blog section (I think that's what it's called) about "Prada Nylon and Is It Overpriced"

    The consensus is.....if you've never owned one, you think they are overpriced. If you own one, you KNOW that they are the best quality nylon around - hands down - than any other nylon out there (there are many grades of nylon, just like leather) and they are worth it because they will last a lifetime.

    I have two bags - they are both over 10 years old and they almost look like new. The quality/workmanship/buckles, leather trim, etc. just outstanding.

    Just find one on sale and you'll be thrilled for a lifetime!
    Here are just some examples from NM and they are not on sale to give you an idea:


    Hope this helps!
    Good luck!
  11. ^^

    Many Prada nylon bags come through Bluefly.
  12. i think that longchamps has some great ones...pradas are amazing! i love my prada nylon bags!!!!
  13. I don't own any Longchamps, but lesportsac has great nylon bags! Either plain or with a cute pattern.
  14. if you dont want a Longchamp (I see a LOT of people with them), i suggest Hayden Harnett's Ibiza (crossbody) or their Pan Am tote. I have the pan am, the quality of nylon is very durable, and it's very roomy. i carry it to class everyday. wait for a sale and maybe you can get it for cheap! i got mine for $40
  15. Tod's makes an absolutely BEAUTIFUL line of nylon bags in incredible colors, but they are all pretty expensive. Some PF'ers were lucky enough to find them on Bluefly or eBay.