Looking for a Rainy Day Bag - Coach

  1. Does anyone have a Coach Bag that you use on a rainy day? I am afraid of getting my bags wet. I got a Dooney AWL Pocket Tote from QVC to use when it is raining (instead of my Mandy) but I keep thinking the new AWL looks cheap & vinyl-like.

    In addition, the darn shoulder strap broke on my Dooney and I am waiting for them to send me a replacement.

    So, what Coach bag do you use in the rain?

    I prefer shoulder bags... with a zip top...

    I may end up pulling out a vintage Dooney AWL doctor bag - the oldie but goodie kind...
  2. I get my legacy wet, not on purpose of course but it did fine and I get my peppled chelsea wet.
  3. i use my carryall in the rain...i'm too paranoid to use my legacy in the rain.
  4. I use my pleated hobo (great outlet find!) when I don't want to worry about babying my bags.
  5. I try and carry a signature bag in the rain.
  6. I carry a signature bag in the rain, too.
  7. I have a black ergo I bought a few years ago that I use. It's roomy, very comfy to wear and zips closed. Love it.
  8. I use my black pebbled leather shoulder tote when it's raining.
  9. I use my black signature bag when I know it's going to rain.
  10. Also, I would check out the thread opened about the nylon Hamptons totes... cute, colorful and rain repellent.. I think. Never actually tested it in the rain, because the bigger one is a "vacation" bag...
  11. Well, honestly, all of them. I don't make any effort to avoid the rain with any of them. Since I'm in Vancouver, I'd pretty much be having to worry about it all the darn time :p . My signature gallery tote and swingpack, and my Hamptons pebbled leather business tote have all been subjected to downpours and are perfectly fine...even the suede trim on the gallery tote is in great shape (it's dark brown). The only bag I was a little worried about was my whiskey Legacy shoulder bag but even that's been fine. The drops that got on it were dark for a day or so but then blended into the rest of the leather.

    If you're really worried about it, though, I would highly recommend something in signature or pebbled leather.
  12. I use my signature or leather bag in the rain.
  13. I use my black hamptons hobo it's just nylon so it repells great.
  14. I usually avoid carying any of my suede bags.

    I had thought the patent tote would be good for the rain but the top is so open - I'd be concerned about my PDA getting wet.

    All others go out in the rain.
  15. I don't change bags real often, so whatever I'm carrying is what gets wet. I do try to make sure that I have an umbrella with me to at least keep most of the rain off the bag.