looking for a quilted multipocket...

  1. anyone know where i can get one for a decent price? i saw one at my local Saks on sale for $700ish and im still kicking myself for not getting it. i recently got my first MJ during the after christmas sales at Saks and snagged a silver patchwork lou for $500! anywho, anyone know where i can find one? im new to this forum (usually on tokidoki). thanks!;)
  2. As of Wednesday, the Nordies in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida had an Ivory one. I can't guarantee it's still there but if it is, it will be 60% off! If you decide to call, ask for Heidi.
  3. I would check w/ Nordstrom as well....I myself got a black one in early December for $654.90....I went back this weekend for a price adjustment and got back around $230- so it came out to be around $420 or so...amazing deal!
  4. I'd also suggest calling Saks again... I saw several before Christmas for 30% off, and now should be marked an additional 40% off(I think). Find an SA that is willing to check the central database and locate one for you. Hopefully not all the stores have sold out, or maybe someone returned one.
  5. ah thanks guys!
  6. wow, what a great price on a beautiful bag! lucky you! :tup: