looking for a purple bag for this fall/winter..

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  1. with not getting the little stam, losing out on the mj fabric messenger and then the metallic kooba scarlett, im turning my head back to an earlier hunt- a purple bag. im looking for a mid sized bag, nothing too boho loooking, kind of classy or trendy, looking for a richer purple vs. a light lilac.. but i dont know where to begin cause theres just too many :censor: companies out there!! so if you gals can suggest anything i would really appreciate it. TIA!!:heart:
  2. If you can find any plum LV's from the Suhali line I say get one. The color is gorgeous and so is the leather. I think they discontinued or were about to discontinue that color so you may have to hunt one down.
  3. Dolce had a gorgeous one!
  4. thanks for the suggestion kat!!

    habanerita, do you know what the bag is called or have a picture handy?
  5. No, but I will be going to Saks this week and will see if they have any and find out, the color is awesome, I know original price was $1,700 comes in different shapes in that color with the bottom corners in reptile in same color, the one I saw was in the shape of a medium size clutch.....the color was tdf, but I had spent too much....
  6. okay thanks!! really appreciate it.:heart:

    what about this? Kendall - Kooba Official Store
  7. aarti... I saw someone post (on the Chanel subforum) about a Chanel purple (violet) classic flap being available now. I think I'd heard the Chanel Lady Braid also had a bag in purple. If you are near a store that carries Chanel, you could check those out.
  8. aarti- The D&G I saw is not the suede one with the large gold initials on the front.....the one I am talking about is deep, deep color and tres chic, will look on the web see if I find a pic to give you.
  9. BV has this gorgeous lilac colored purse. I forgot the name of it, but it's a special edition and it has small parts of snake skin woven in, and the metal rings are handwoven as well. And it has a braided handle. Really pretty. :biggrin:
  10. I agree! The new purple for Chanel in the Caviar Classic Flap is to die for! :tender: :heart: :nuts:
  11. he D& G purple handbag looks very similar to their Miss Really Hot handbag, although I don't think it was identical.-the color purple had some deep blue in it not pink nor red and some eggplant, it had some reptile ....I am going nuts looking for it so I can show you pics
  12. I have one purple bag so far and it's from Coach. It's suede but it's dark so I'm not worried about it.

  13. ^^ Coach might come out with more later on.
  14. how about marc jacobs stam in purple or balenciaga in lilac?
  15. the plum chanel!!! this bag is totally TDF!!!
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