Looking for a Prada dustbag.

  1. ^^^VEEEEERY nice! :rochard:

    Can't wait to see pics!
  2. ^^miu2, ITA with PP!! The bag is gorgeous! Something different from Miu Miu :p Please post pics when it arrives! :love:
  3. Unfortunately, I'm not sure now if I get the bag afterall. Seems that sometimes their listings don't show when they are sold right away. So, even tho I paid them, they may be refunding my money if someone else bought it before me. :crybaby:I e-mailed them and will just have to wait and see! :sweatdrop:
  4. AWWww Noo! :sad:
    I was actually tempted to press the "buy now" button because I thought they still had one available :p
    But then I read the posts in the other thread and didn't :sweatdrop:
  5. lol miu2...how come you didn't buy a coffer ? joking...very nice bag. glad that you found a dustbag.
  6. I just hope that I have a bag to put into the dustbag! :sweatdrop:
  7. Have you heard back from them on those other bags yet? I'm dying for you to get one (since I posted that link for the sleeper bag!).
  8. I would try eBay.
  9. Let-trade is suppose to send me a picture today of the gauffre that I put a deposit down on. It's suppose to be the same style as the other for the same $1399 price. If I don't care for it, they will refund my deposit! Just waiting for the pic. I'll send pics once I get them myself!! :smile:
  10. ^^^Okey dokey! Will be looking for them! ;)