Looking for a pouchette

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  1. Hi all! Since going crazy with spending a ton of $$ on Coffers and Harlequins, I came across my make-up pouchette. Poor ragedy little bag which actually has very sharp edges on the sides of the frame. Visions of it tearing up my new bags have made me realize that I really, really need to find a new make-up pouchette. Any suggestions? Does anyone have this Miu Miu? http://www.styledrops.com/handbags-25962.html

    or this Prada?

    Would either of these work as a make-up pouchette? Or any other suggestions??? TIA :smile:
  2. Keep a daily eye on Bluefly. I got a great Prada make-up case from there for next to nothing with the promo codes.
  3. Yeah, keep an eye out on BF. They have good deals.

    Both the miu miu and prada pochettes can also certainly double up as a casual purses. The miu miu version is smooshy while the prada version is puffy. Both are very good as pochettes but I'm not sure about organization.

    I like my make up pouch to have compartments so I know what I'm looking for. Also, they must be water proof in case my lip gloss spills or something.

    I always use a Lesportsac 3 zipper pouch for my make up since they are colorul (easy to spot in my big bags) and CHEAP.

    Hee Hee!!