Looking for a pouchette


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Jun 27, 2007
Hi all! Since going crazy with spending a ton of $$ on Coffers and Harlequins, I came across my make-up pouchette. Poor ragedy little bag which actually has very sharp edges on the sides of the frame. Visions of it tearing up my new bags have made me realize that I really, really need to find a new make-up pouchette. Any suggestions? Does anyone have this Miu Miu? http://www.styledrops.com/handbags-25962.html

or this Prada?

Would either of these work as a make-up pouchette? Or any other suggestions??? TIA :smile:


Dec 26, 2007
Yeah, keep an eye out on BF. They have good deals.

Both the miu miu and prada pochettes can also certainly double up as a casual purses. The miu miu version is smooshy while the prada version is puffy. Both are very good as pochettes but I'm not sure about organization.

I like my make up pouch to have compartments so I know what I'm looking for. Also, they must be water proof in case my lip gloss spills or something.

I always use a Lesportsac 3 zipper pouch for my make up since they are colorul (easy to spot in my big bags) and CHEAP.

Hee Hee!!