Looking for a pouchette - what styles are there?

  1. Hello!

    This is my first Chanel post although I've been lurking for a while now. I :heart::heart: your Chanel bags/collections and now I want to get my first Chanel bag. I'm contemplating a pouchette and have seen photos of the Cotton Club and Cambon. Are there other pouchette styles to consider? I take it "styles" are called "lignes" (lines?) in the Chanel world?

    These are my requirements:
    - target price $1000 (spent most of this year's purse budget on Guccis and Balenciagas!)
    - small size that's good for evenings
    - more classic than trendy

    I would appreciate your expert advice and suggestions! Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. I'd recommend an east west flap in caviar, however you'd have to kick in a few bucks. Maybe about $350 more (well worth it).
  3. Luccibag -- Thanks, I LOVE the E/W flap -- it's really my first choice! But I'm having trouble justifying the additional cost right now. Plus I'm Canadian and will buy it when I travel to the US, so there will be duty and taxes on top when I bring it back home. Ouch. I'm too chicken to try smuggling it back. :wtf:

    sharbear -- Thanks for the link to this thread. It didn't come up when I did my search. The soft and chain pouchette looks lovely too although it doesn't have the iconic quilting that the Cotton Club and Cambon have.
  4. there's a soft and chain pouchette that's really cute, classy and trendy!

    I THINK it's within your budget
  5. Thanks for this suggestion! It is really cute! :tup: I found a pic and some info in this forum and I think it's US$995, so just within my budget. I hope both the Soft and Chain and Cotton Club will be available somewhere in Orange County, so I can compare them.