Looking for a PITC, anymore out there?

  1. Well, I searched around in Houston and there are none to be found but the post about the PITC flap available on sale gave me renewed hope to at least ask. If anyone finds a PITC bag in any size left over on sale (a return/floor item/anything!) please let me know. Thanks so much!
  2. Sorry, what's a PITC flap?
  3. pocket in the city?
  4. The last time I saw Pocket in the city was in early Dec. at Nordstrom (Topanga Mall...CA) It's no longer there but I have a wonderful SA that might be able to find it for you at the other stores. She's done miracles for me. Doesn't hurt to ask...here's the info Nordstrom (818) 884-7900 Chanel dept. ask for Jackie. Good Luck.
  5. There was at least one on eBay from a reputable seller last week. I'm not sure if we can promote the sellers in our forum so do a search and you should find it.
  6. Thanks for the help! It turns out I was able to get the small flap. She's checking on the medium but I'm not holding my breath!
  7. ooh congrats echo_23!! how much was the small flap??
  8. I love the small flap and had tried it on at the store months ago. Great bag.
  9. $855 shipped w/ tax! Yay!
  10. congrats, echo!
  11. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!! I'm really excited! I had been deciding between the medium and large but didn't realize they were all gone. The small sounds perfect for my needs when I'm on my own or have my daughter's stuff in a separate diaper bag. I hope I like it in person as much as I like it in the pics. The leather looks great. I'm really not sure why PF'ers weren't big fans.
  12. hi, not sure if still relevent, but when i was reading this thread, i also wanted to see a picture of a pocket in the city.:p
    when i read imonpurseblog's reply with the link to a purse on eBay, i also came across this from the same seller. she says it is a pocket in the city :flowers:
  13. Thanks so much imonpurseblog and royalhyness! The small one is the one that should be arriving today (fingers crossed!) but I love the medium one. I didn't know you could wear it with one strap- very cool. Thanks so much for posting the links. Mmmmm...temptation:graucho:
  14. No problem! BTW, mine was the last one in all of Nordstrom when I bought it and I got it for @ $1750. I was told they didn't go lower there. I tried to get the price adjusted a week later when they took further markdowns and they said it wouldn't be marked down further as it was the last one. I just noticed that too about the strap as I have thought about wearing it that way and wondered if anyone did. The color is a greyish brown and very versatile. If you don't love the one you get today, you really should consider the medium!