Looking For A Pirata Scuola Or Campeggio

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  1. hey girly girls... i have a friend, annie, to whom i infected the toki addiction some time ago. she posted on tokiholics and id like to help her but im somebody cannot even find bags for herself.

    this is what she posted. if you know anything...let me know or go to the lj and leave her a message. thanks alot! (btw, shes from MN)



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  2. aww such a sweatheart u are... I've seen a few so next time I go to the store I'll snap a few pics... umm does she have a frankenstein version of the bag she wants?
  3. hahahaha you mean like your frankenstein dream bag? nope. she just wants lots of water on it. oh and she loves the tiger on the island. so that could be something that could be on one of the pocket flaps.. dunno :biggrin: im off to bed now but ill let her know tomorrow that you will keep an eye out for the bag, in case she hasnt seen your message, thanks alot jenn, :heart: :tup: