Looking for a Pink Caviar Medallion Tote!! Please Help!!

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  1. There is actually one being sold by rjconnect for less, if you do a search on eBay. :smile: I just received mine today (not from her haha, elsewhere), and it's soo pretty! Ebay isn't so difficult to deal with... do you have an account? If not, sign up, and perhaps contact the seller to let them know you are interested in this bag (that is, assuming you are new to ebay, and just created an account, since many sellers are leery of 0 feedback buyers)... I would also recommend asking any other questions you have in the Ebay forum... the girls there will definitely be able to help you out better than I can!! :smile: I hope you get your pink beauty! :smile:
  2. Thank you fieryfashionist. I was hoping if someone here might spot one at their local Saks store. or NM. Cuz I know a tpf's friend just recently bought one at saks NYC. I go for a pink bowler and mini flap instead. So now I'm desperate for a pink tote to add in with my pink CC :heart:
  3. If I see one when I head to Saks on Wed, then I will definitely let you know!! :smile: I hope you find one really soon! :smile:
  4. Thank you feiryfashionist. I'll be waiting for your good news. :heart:
  5. I purchased one recently at Neiman Marcus, Tysons Corner. Love it! Bought sunnies to match.