Looking for a Pine GGH Day...

  1. I've been calling everywhere and tomorrow I'll be calling internationally, but before I do, has anyone seen one anywhere? I will bake you cookies if you can lead me to this bag! :flowers:Thanks!
  2. In case you change your ming to GSH, Barney's Dallas had one a few days ago.
  3. I will keep it in mind if I can't find gold, thanks Romie!
  4. I am also looking for this bag....I`m on the list with my SA at BalNY.....
    I have been waiting for about one week.
    No word, but they are getting more in soon.

    So call there and reserve one.
    I think ggh will be better than sgh.

    I have seen the sgh....but I think it looks bland.

    Go for ggh.
  5. Which SA did you speak to? I spoke to Bill and he said they were not getting any more in. :crybaby:

    Perhaps, your SA knows more than he does as he is new. I even called BalParis and they aren't getting anymore Pine Days with GGH, only SGH.
  6. When I got mine, I was told several more were coming (in case I didn't like the leather in photos, which luckily, I did). So hopefully that is correct.