Looking for a picture of your Chanel

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  1. One of you gals posted a picture of your new Chanel a few weeks back. It was pink (maybe)or beige, large with a chain. The picture showed you holding it different ways. I'm trying to find your picture and where you bought it. I really like that style and there are no Chanel boutiques in Charlotte NC that I can find. I would call a boutique to see if I can get one but I don't know the name of the bag. You are so lucky - can you help me get one too.
  2. Hmm. Am not sure what picture you mean. Was it posted in the "you with your Chanel" thread?
  3. I can't remember but it was probably about 3-4 weeks ago. I remember the girl who bought it was blonde, and the pictures were of her wearing it by the chain on her shoulder, in hand and in crook of arm. She looked good and so did her bag. Want the bag really badly.
  4. I wonder if it was Luccibag. She has blond curly hair and she defiently looks good with her bags.
  5. couldn't agree more! :yes:
  6. Aww, thanks girls. Your'e so sweet. I dont think it was me she is referring to, but you all make me wanna go out and buy ANOTHER CHANEL BAG. LOL.