Looking for a picture - legacy shoulder

  1. Does anyone have a picture of yourself (or whomever) modeling the legacy shoulder bag (preferably the whiskey one)? I've been searching the forum and can't find one. If you know of one already on the forum somewhere, would you post the link to it? Thanks!!
  2. Nobody has one? Darn! :crybaby:
  3. Sorry about the spots on the mirror .....

  4. Yay!! That's just what I was looking for. Thanks for posting!!! :p
  5. Here you go. =)
    I miss her. ;_;
  6. They look great, I miss my whiskey shoulder when I see pics of them.
  7. Woo-hoo! :nuts: Thanks girls, I am loving this. DH bought me one from eBay and I just wanted to see how it actually looks ON someone! Now I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I can get the broken turnlock fixed.
  8. Let us know how that turns out I've been SO tempted to buy one of the shoulder bags minus a turnlock the price seems great and I love my black and white shoulder bags - they are SO comfortable once broken in.
  9. I will definitely let you know how it works out! I hope it gets here soon and I hope it can be repaired. I think I got an OK deal - she was asking $350 or best offer, and I offered her $279. I wasn't expecting her to take the offer, but she did. I kind of wish i'd tried to offer less now, darn it all! :p I do kind of like the idea of having this pre-owned that way it's already broken in for me!
  10. Here are pics of mine (even though people have already posted lots of good pics...I love any excuse to post mine :p ): (Oh and congrats on yours!)