Looking for A Pet Carrier..

  1. My westie was the runt of the litter, so he's still around 15 pounds, and with our lifestyle, he wont really gain much, vet says hes done growing. are there any pet carriers that would suit him? and seeing how he has taken a likening to lip gloss, girly underwear :rant: , lipstick, and other girly things i dont think the carrier has to be too masculine lol. any suggestions? lol look at my public profile pict for further evidence..
  2. lol I love the profile pic! The best looking pet carrier is the LV one but the price is murder on the wallet. My best suggestion would be to check out some small pet boutiques. Do you have any in your area? Where I live everyone has a dog so these little shops are everywhere.
  3. The LV one is cute, but I found it to be quite heavy(w/o my pup in it! :P ). Kate Spade makes a wonderful carrier. I used to have one in Cranberry, but I got rid of it after my first dog passed away(Jack Russell Terrier). Anyhoo, if you call up their store in NY, they will make one to order for you in either Cranberry or Black. It's lightweight canvas on the outside and lined in black. It's fits nicely over your shoulder and it has small outside compartments to fit things in. I think it's around $300? I'm going to order another one for my new pup.