Looking for a perfume bottle, apple shaped

  1. Ive been looking for years for a perfume bottle that looks like an apple. I bought one 9 years ago that broke and Im totally trying to find one like it but cannot come even close...

    Anyone have any suggestion? Ideas?
  2. if you want one with perfume in it lolita lempicka does a few :smile:
  3. I want just the bottle and not the perfume...lol...and Im looking for a clear one to show off the perfume color or maybe a red / green color to make it seem more like the real thing.....:tender:
  4. I think Poison comes in a bottle like that. Otherwise, I would try a local glass blowing artisan and ask them to make you one.
  5. nina ricci just came out with a new one called nina.
    it's apple shaped and it's red as well.
    also as somebody has already mentioned, lolita lemprika makes one. that ones purple with gold trimmings.
  6. dkny delicious

  7. Yes....thanks! That might work, hope the perfume smells good...lol...

  8. I do think that thats a good option..since I cannot find any that is nice or of quality...:yes:
  9. I second this! I have the nina ricci - it's pretty sugary but such a cute scent.

    Are you making your own perfume, bagluv?
  10. I just checked eBay: They have some that you can do a buy it now:
    Apple Perfume Bottle

    1) auction # 200007094120-this was a stunning Silvestri Ruby Ped Glass Perfume bottle-very beautiful. BIN $30.00 (I think) They said to contact them by phone with questions 239-851-9995.

    2)Nina Ricca small perfume $16.99
    # 290168122687 You can get a idea of what the bottle looks like, this is very pretty too.

    3) Avon auction # 9505476522 $6.99 Nice and the price is great.

    Good luck.
  11. DKNY has two scents that are apple shaped ... one is green and one is red, I think.

  12. I have in the past...but didnt turn out so good...lol...

    I have a perfume that I adore..que fluer,I want to put this in there...

    I went to smell Ricci today...like you said....it is sooo sweet...not my kind of fragrance at all...:s

    Back to square one.....lol...
  13. Thanks alot!!!

    Im gonna check those out!!!!!
  14. I checked those out too..but its a bit too round and doesnt seem to applish to me...lol...

    Dang...its so crazy to try and find something that seems like it would be easy to find....

    I am studing to be a teacher...so this has meaning for me....
  15. I'm a teacher too!
    I have the dkny bottle on my desk, but nobody actually thinks that its an apple, they just know that its a bottle of dkny!:girlsigh: