Looking for a Perfo Green Wallet!

  1. If anyone sees one for sale, please let me know! I want one to match my Green Perfo Speedy! :rolleyes:
  2. I managed to find a fuschia one in June, by calling the 1-866#. I know there are a few still left in some stores, so I'm sure that would be the best way to find it. Good luck !!!
  3. Thanks! How much are they new?
  4. hmmmmm.....I can't remember the EXACT amount....
    I wanna say around.....$570, but totally worth it, it's the zippy, quite roomy.
  5. If I remember correctly all of the perforated was just sent back to LV corporate.... maybe try Eluxury, they keep their stock a little longer then the stores do! Or eBay...
  6. Will peel my eyes for you. :yes:

    *ouch!* :push: