Looking for a Pearl City Bag..

  1. Has anyone seen this bag anywhere? I am going to begin calling tomorrow, but I thought that I would ask here first. I just received my greige from Barney's in Seattle, and I love it but I still want a Pearl. I live in Florida and that color is perfect year round here. Thank you. :yes:
  2. pearl? do you mean white? or argent/silver? or calcaire? the light metallic pink?
  3. Same question for me. Never heard of that color before.
  4. Me neither! Do you have a pic?
  5. I mean white, I guess. I saw one on Ebay, and they called it Pearl. I bought 2 fakes on Ebay and paid close to 900. each before I found this forum and realized that they were fakes. It never occured to me and it was close to 2 years ago. One was white and one was caramel. Dellamoda and italianmoda were the sellers. Both had 100% positive feedback and had sold a lot of bags, so I thought they were ok. At the time I was into LV and MJ and they were my first Balenciagas. It has scared me from buying on Ebay forever. Now I don't trust any of them. I am looking for a white, to replace the knock off that I purchased and now refuse to carry. I don't like replicas and will never carry it again now that I know. Dellamoda has been a complete jerk ove the entire thing. They finally said I could send it back, then they would ask their supplier if it was fake. :nuts: I am so sure that the one that sells them fakes will admit they are fakes. Whatever. I am sure they know it, and that is why they stopped selling Balenciaga, they probably got caught. :censor:
  6. That's horrible powderpuff!!! Oh- post a picture of your Greige! It's a gorgeous color! White shouldn't be hard to find.
  7. I would love to post pictures of my bags, but I haven't figured out where or how to do it on the forum. I have LV's, MJ"s, Isababella Firoes, Hogans, and several others. Is there a thread on here that explains how and where to post the pictures? Is there a certain board where I can put all of the pictures in one place?
    Thank you... I hate being new, it's so confusing until you find out how to maneuver around the boards. :shrugs:
  8. o/t - but i've often hoped that Balenciaga would do a pearl color for it's special metalics holiday collection. Botkier made one and I thought it was lovely. It was a soft white with a pearl sheen to it. I wished that it was on a Balenciaga though!
    I wonder if there is any hope of this....
  9. Here's a photo of the color i'm talking about:


    I think it's called white gold!
  10. ooh, i like the white gold actually...usually i'm not the biggest fan of "metallics", but that's quite nice.
  11. I wish that balenciaga would make a white gold/pearl/platinum/white irridescent color... that would be beautiful. also a metallic black is something I have a burning desire for...

    but they havent yet, unfortunetly... I hope they do holiday metallics this winter! everybody call BalNY tommorrow and beg ok? :lol:
  12. how many metallic lines have they done?
  13. 2- 04 and 05 in winter, so I'm hoping that they will continue to surprise us with it!
  14. Cricket Liverpool has some silvery metallic ones that I think look more gold-platinum than silver. Have you seen those?