Looking for a PCE! =)

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  1. Looking for an unwanted PCE if there are any out there... I am looking to buy my older sister her very first Coach for her birthday. I'm thinking a leather tote and a wristlet set. Any suggestions?
    If you have or know of anybody who doesn't plan on using their PCE discount, I would be eternally grateful! I'll even put you down on the card for making my sister's dream come true! =D
  2. Okey xlcyblues. You can have my PCE. PM me your address and I'll mail it to you.:yes: I live so close to an outlet but so far from a boutique. I'd be happy to give it to you.
  3. oh wow. lucky you. happywife18 rescued you. :tup:

    and i thought this was an add-yourself-to-the-list thread.. anywho if there's another member willing to give up their PCE please pm right away. thanks in advance! can i use it even if i'm in Canada though??
  4. I'm giving xlcyBluex 2 days to reply. Mailing would take about 3 days depends on what state they are. I just don't want my PCE to go to waste. If xlcyBlues won't send her address in the next 2 days I'll give my PCE to someone else.
  5. I'd also love one as there are some accessories I'd love to get and if tradition holds I have no prayer of getting one sent to me;)
  6. okaaaay.. i just called my local boutique (i mentioned it a few times on my posts.. the newly opened one here in calgary?) and the SA has no idea what the heck i was talking about! :s but she promised to give me a call back tomorrow am as soon as she hears anything! eh?
  7. PMed you =]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.