Looking for a Patent Leather Sabrina

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  1. Can I still find these at the outlets ladies or are my chances gone?

    My friend snagged one at Wrentham Outlets Christmas Eve and I was soo mad because I was going to go with her but then last minuted changed my mind! I will forever and ever regret that moment!

    Thank you for any replies :smile:
  2. There may still be some trickling into the outlets, but there were not too many going to the outlets to begin with. Your best bet is to call all the outlets within your area and ask, and if you find one put it on charge hold.

    You may actually have better luck at Macy's now.
  3. You never know what you'll find in the outlets. I went to my small local outlet yesterday and sitting lonely on a shelf in the clearance section was a small patent camel Sabrina in perfect condition. She wasn't there before, so she must have been a return. I also saw a small plum patent Sabrina last week and the week before at Macy's. I'm sure she was a return too.

    I think the key to finding one is looking frequently or calling daily with the style number(s). But often the SAs don't seem to know what they have, so I think it's better to look for yourself.

    Good luck finding one!
  4. Thank you ladies for the wonderful advice. Will be heading to the closest Macy nearby today and then maybe Outlet tonight or tomorrow depending on DH's mood :smile:
  5. There were only TWO SABRINAS at my Macy's. I saw one black patent Sabrina and another one I cannot remember the color. (Literally 10 minutes ago.) I just came out of a huge snow storm so maybe that's why they're still there.

    Definitely check out Macy's!

    (On an unrelated note...Macy's had no Tokidoki's so I was sad and checked out Coach.)
  6. And if you call your outlet, and they don't have one, they can do a search of all the outlets in your district and tell you which outlets do have them.