looking for a pair of aviator sunglasses 8)

  1. heyy guys 8)

    i really need a pair of new sunnies. my white guccis are really light tinted and my eyes are getting more sensitive to the sun :sad:

    so i was wondering if yu guys have any good recommendations for a good pair of aviator glasses 8)

    thanks guys :heart:
  2. I am not sure if these are dark enough but I really like them. They are D&G and they have them at Saks.com
  3. I say go for the rayban classic aviators. I love them. And if you want, they come polarized as well...
  4. I am in :heart: with these Guccis from NM, they come in 3 different colors
  5. Yep Raybans
  6. Dior makes the best rimless aviators. and try Valentino if you want to SPEND
  7. ^I agree that the Diors are pretty sweet.
  8. I have so prada aviator that I really like. When I first bought aviators about 3 years ago I thought they were trendy but they are actually classic.
  9. Marc Jacobs and MbyMJ have a done of aviators in different styles and colors.
  10. Does anyone make any aviators without nose pieces? I inadvertently always push my sunglasses on my head when I go inside even if I am taking them off and the nose pieces get stuck in my hair.
  11. Ray-Bans! They're the classic aviator sunnies... can't go wrong with classic!
  12. I buy everything from Saks :p and I have seen a lot of cute choices. I don't like the sides to be thin like Ray Bans usually are, so here are some with thicker sides.

    Prada, $265

    Chloe, $220
    Lanvin, $320
  13. Wow those LVs are quite pricey. I never thought any sunglasses could be worth spending more than $400 on, but maybe I will try these on later
  14. ITA! And they come in a variety of shapes now that suit a wider range of faces.

    But the originals are the ORIGINALS, which can always make you look cool, IMO:tup: