Looking for a Night Nikki....is this impossible?

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  1. I saw a cousin of mine over the holiday weekend with a night nikki (absolutely beautiful)...I would love to get my hands on one. So truthfully, is it impossible? Anything similiar that I can look at?
  2. there's actually a couple of night nikki's showing up on ebay. you can also check out bonanzle or ecrater. :biggrin: HTH.

    there's actually one on ebay right now but one of the feet fell off. :oh:
  3. ^^You could probably get the foot repaired from RM for free!
  4. ^ I thought RM doesn't do free repairs for bags bought on ebay/Bonanzle/etc? Don't they allow free repairs only when the bag has been bought from a retailer and within a year of its purchase? Otherwise, the repair fee is around $35, IIRC.
  5. ^^I'm pretty sure the "feet" thing is a known issue by now, and they will cover it FOC. They won't repair free if it was like a wear/tear issue as far as i know.