Looking for a nice work tote under $200...

  1. For work, I travel a lot to different locations each day and have to carry a bunch of papers and binders (like the 1-inch kind for school) along with me. I've been schlepping everything around in this ugly faux-leather tote bag that I had purchased for travel, but now I want a professional looking tote. Preferably one that has an open shape, no middle pockets or dividers because I typically just grab a bunch of files and throw it inside. My current bag is roughly 17" across, 12" high and I'd like to stick to something in those dimensions since I know it already fits all my stuff. I checked out the totes in the other "looking for a tote" thread, but it seems like the suggestions are either too small, or patterns are more for school, not a professional work field (I'm dealing each day with businessmen in their 40s and 50s). Are there any professional looking totes out there for under $200? Thanks!! :smile:
  2. Have you looked at Kate Spade? The totes ranges around $200-$400 but sometimes you can get good deals from eBay.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. sorry forget the Measures:
    13 1/2" x 18" x 5 1/2"
  5. So how about this Kate Landry (dimensions aren't provided, but the photo suggests it might fit the bill in terms of how it compares to the model): http://tinyurl.com/29nawo
  6. These are all fantastic options!! Looks like I'll have my hands full just trying to make a decision on one of these great bags! Thanks everyone! :smile: