Looking for a nice wallet compagnon size any suggestions ?

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  1. I am looking for a nice big wallet in the compagnon size. I don't want to spend too much since I rather get a new b-bag (their wallets are too expensive for me).
    I've been looking around in my area but seem not to be able to find anything. They just all look so boring.
    I would be thankful for your suggestions.
  2. hotdogandbun tooled leather wallet.jpg
  3. Thanks passerby really cute. Yes they have to be leather and great quality since I never switch wallets. I would like something to go with the b-bag style, smth a little distressed but pretty bare. No motives etc...
    I was considering a black LV epi (pre-owned).
    This is to give you an idea of the style.
  4. No other ideas...please ladies help me out !
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