~Looking For A Nice Tan/Camel Colored Bag?!?!~

  1. Ok...I need your help...I currently have a MK Large Hamilton in the luggage color...LOVE the color but now im thinking the tote is a little too NS for me...I really hate to part with it but willing to if I can find a nice replacement...If anyone has any recommendations of a good tan/camel colored bag PLEASE let me know thanks!
    **Oh I dont want to spend too much as I dont wear this color too much...but I just love the color**:biggrin:

    This is the bag I currently own:
  2. That MK is GORGEOUS!!!

    Ok- I have a large camel Ashlyn- the large I think only came in camel (not sure tho). The large is really big, I love it! I think this might be a stock of the medium sized one still lots of room.

    Here's mine all drooping in the glare with a dying cell phone:

    The Ashlyn is awesome...tho not sure if you can order from JAX or not still.
  3. oh that is very pretty!! DO you have a mod pic by any chance? I would love to see the size of the large!
  4. This may be way off base, but I'm throwing it out there just because I've been so happy with mine. If you're willing to search the bay, the large camel sophia has been my most versitile, goes with most everything, and stays new looking. (was also one of oprah's favorite things) Coming from someone who owns probably over 150 bags (don't judge) it is the one I carry the most and I would rate it my numer 1 bag. I also get mucho compliments on it, something that I don't usually notice so much with neutral looking bags. Good luck in your search.
  5. THANKS!! Do u have a pic? I would love to see the actual color. thanks again!!
  6. omg LOVE IT!! I wouldnt mind if i can get my MK to sell for that much...how is the drop on it?
  7. The leather is super nice! The drop is about 10 inches, very comfortable to carry.
  8. wow..thats great!! Im gonna search for mod pics ...its very nice thanks!!
  9. You're welcome!:smile:
  10. I literally lol'd. Good for you :biggrin::biggrin:
  11. Im really thinking I should add a legacy to my collection...loving the whiskey color...
  12. That is the bag in my siggy, left hand side. Sorry not so large, I have trouble loading large pics onto TPF for some reason.
  13. oh its patent leather right?
  14. Yes, it is. It's my only patent coach and I do love it. I wasn't sure if you were ok with patent for your next bag or not....again, just thought I'd throw the option out there since it's been such a great bag for me. ;)