looking for a nice bag

  1. okay i am looking to buy a nice handbag that i can use for school because my balenciaga is getting a bit grubby. i have got about $300-400 to spend and i dont care about the designer but i would like it to be leather or canvas. please post the website that it is on so that i can get it (or ask mom first)

    Tropicalcandy xx
  2. please help me because i only know net-a-porta.com as a website and i dont have a clue which others to use.
  3. What size are you looking for? Will you be using it to carry schoolbooks and notebooks?
  4. well i would prefer it to be like a hobo/tote but i wont be putting much more than my jumper, drink, umbrella, pencilcase ane lunch in it. do you know any UK websites? thanks for helping me.
  5. I also thing Longchamp bags are best for school because they are lightweight and can carry a lot of stuff like textbooks and a laptop. Here's a link..


    They aren't expensive at all so maybe you can get two!
  6. hmm i kinda like that thanks. your right they are cheap too lol.
  7. anyone got any other ideas on hobos or totes?
  8. Active Endeavors (activeendeavors.com) is in Chicago but they ship to the UK. The code "better" will get you 25% off. Try Anna Corinna and Botkier. The Botkier Sasha duffle is a great roomy hobo.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs also makes great bags in the $300-$500 range. Shopbop.com has a pretty good selection and they ship to the UK.

    I thought you had decided to get a new City?
  9. no that is for christmas. this is just because my old black city is getting grubby. the new city is coming in about 3 weeks but it is the 2005 stlye because i dont like the studs on the 2007 ones. thanks for the help btw!
  10. thanks for the site!!
    and the code!!
  11. Oooh! Well congrats on the two bags!:tup:
  12. longchamp would be great for school!
  13. Go away Nikemate, we do not tolerate selling here.