Looking for a new white Mandy Courier

  1. Hi~
    Coach's distrubution center is sold out of Mandy white Couriers. I ordered on on eBay for $400 new with tags but was disappointed when it arrived with tarnished brass turnknobs and scraped up turnknobs. I am looking to find one at an outlet.
  2. I would call the outlet closest to you and ask them what they have there...they can hold one for you if the have it.
  3. wait.... ALL of the leather legacy of 06 has tarnished and scratched up vintage looking turnlocks and hardware... only the signature legacy has shiny hardware
  4. i learned that the hard way btw... i love the vintage looking hardware... was kinda dissapointed to see my signature legacy have shiny ones
  5. This is not just vintage. It is scratched up and tarnished like. I have a legacy satchel and it does not look like that at all and I have seen a new Mandy. This is defective or damaged.
    Thanks for your input, though!
    Heidi :smile:
  6. I have never seen a white Mandy IRL or a picture of one, sounds like a gorgeous bag. I hope you find one that you like and that is not damaged ! I love the vintage looking ones too and didn't realize there was a difference between the sig and the leather, as I don't own any legacy signature. Good luck !

  7. The outlet in Pleasant Prarie, Wisconsin had Mandy Couriers in white on Wednesday. Maybe call and see if they can charge and ship one to your local outlet?
  8. I know what you're talking about. My husband brought me back a citron leather legacy flap bag from a trip and I was so excited to see it but like you said the turnlock and brass o rings were not just rubbed to look vintage, they were actually spotted and tarnished. It bothered me so I did have to return it. Now I have the whiskey leather legacy ALI and her hardware looks just fine.:yes:
  9. I am having trouble getting my photos to post as my file is too big. Help!
    I am frustrated. Please email me direct and I can email photos of knobs.
  10. All of the vintage hardware on my leather Legacy bags is like this -- spotted and tarnished looking. It is supposed to be that way! :yes: