Looking for a new wallet

  1. I'd "like" a new wallet. I carry mostly Chanel or a Birkin. Mostly have black But my wallet is a LV. Is that a HUGE no-no carrying a LV wallet in a Chanel? I hope to rectify by purchasing a new wallet. I like to carry cards, have a zipper for coins and a place to put the checkbook (however old school that is becoming). Ladies: I would love your recommendations and any photos would be appreciated.:flowers:
  2. I don't think it's a huge no no. I mix and match designers. Wallets are almost as expensive as bags sometimes (especially LV wallets).
  3. I don't think it's a huge no no either. . . but it depends on the wallet IMO.
    I was carrying a Burberry wallet for a long time and it just didn't 'fit' w/ the style of my Chanel.
    But there's no rules, it's a personal thing.
    I think if it's a leather LV instead of the monogram, it doesn't matter.

    Look through our Accessories thred in the Reference Library, there should be quite a few photos.

    Here's mine, it's the Paris New York long wallet:
    DSCF2072.jpg DSCF2067.jpg
  4. I'm still carrying an LV Monogram wallet with my Chanel. I'm thinking of getting the long wallet that Rose posted in the Accessories Resource thread. Also, Swanky's posted above is beautiful too.
  5. Here's a photo of my chanel wallet. They also have a shorter version of it called the French Wallet
    wallet C.jpg wallet back.jpg wallet in.jpg Wallet.jpg
  6. I have an LV wallet in brown Epi leather, I choose it for the durability and boy is it proving to be tough-wearing, I love it! I'm not a fan of LV for bags though so don't own a single one.

    Those wallets are gorgeous though, are they quite resilient?
  7. Gorgeous black wallet. It looks like a classic purse!
  8. I was carrying a LV french purse wallet in my chanel bags...I have been carrying My Chanels More then MY LV bags so I just got this last week..