Looking for a new wallet

  1. Hey all,
    I haven't been to this site for a while(moved from east coast to west coast) and am back for some advice.

    I currently have a Musette and BH and the wallet I have is a Porte-Tresor. I am looking for a new wallet or small piece that can hold more credit cards. The wallet I have only has 6 card slots and I am trying to find something that will hold more. I am trying not to spend too much on the item because I really want to buy the Cabas Mezzo in the next few months. I really like the zippy organizer but it is more than I want to spend right now. I was thinking I could even get something like a wapity or a piece that could attach to the D-ring in my purse. I should mention these are all mono canvas.

    Any suggestions??? Thanks everyone.
  2. A lot of ladies on here seem to be very fond of Koala wallet.:yes:
  3. AGREED!
  4. I was looking on the LV site and it says they also have a Koala card wallet but it doesn't describe how many card slots it has and I can't seem to find it anywhere. It is different(according to the site) than the Koala wallet. Anyone have any info about that? The Koala looks to me like it has the same amount of slots as the wallet I currently have. I know that LV has a credit card holder but to be honest with the BH there is no zippered top and I don't like the idea of the credit card holder just "floating" around in my purse.
  5. I think some one said it has 9 CC slots.
  6. The Koala wallet on elux has 9 credit card slots. The Koala card holder which is only available in store has 6 credit card slots.
  7. Just checked my koala wallet for ya, it has 9 cc slots, an i.d. window an extra stash pocket behind the cc slots a long bill compartment and a zip change pocket on the back. I absolutely love it!
  8. The Koala is my favorite LV wallet. I own it in white MC and if I could afford it, I would buy another in Damier :smile:
  9. I have the Koala card wallet, I love it because I always have a pochette cles and don't need a change purse, also it's a tiny bit smaller than the full koala wallet so it fits in pochettes well too! It has six cc slots, a slot for papers, a bill fold, and a back open pocket. There's also a mini picture window inside for a tiny picture......just looking at the front of this wallet though it pretty much looks like a regular koala wallet, I'm actually wanting a new wallet in a different color but I am so happy using this one, I have to look into if they have other options in this wallet........
  10. I love the framboise zippy wallet thingy :heart: