Looking for a new tote bag

  1. I was looking around on eBay for a new tote bag and I found this...

    The caddy

    In other news, I am thinking about a black gallery tote and I need to decide before PCE ends. What do you all think?
  2. I have a black gallery tote and i LOVE it. It really is a great everyday piece and SO easy to accessorize.

    That caddy bag is so funny! if I owned a cadillac, i'd probably buy this bag though LOL
  3. I am just wondering if it will transfer over into the business world since I have this last summer and then it's suits all day every day.
  4. i got a signature stripe tote for pce at $200, it's big, light and i luv it cuz it stays on my shoulder. but like rethreads says, if i owned a caddy, i'd tote that bag too.
  5. I like it too but I don't know if it would be big enough for a laptop and all that jazz.

  6. have you considered a slim tote? They are perfect sized for all the essentials, including laptop and the leather ones are very classy, and could def. translate beautifully into the business world, IMO
  7. I love totes. The gallery is a great choice.
  8. I am getting the signature stripe tote before PCE ends. I measured my laptop and went to look at it today and it will fit in there :smile: The gallery tote was bigger so it should fit a laptop no problem.....I would have decided to get it but wanted to use the extra $100 it would cost to get it on something else.
  9. Signature stripe is a great suggestion! ^^
  10. I thought you were serious for a minute with that first bag!:wtf:


    The gallery tote is gorgeous!
    I do not have one, but I do think that is a nice choice!
  11. The business tote is big enough for a smaller laptop if i'm not mistaken. The gallery tote is great though. It's definitely sleek and professional imo. Are you thinking of the leather version or the sig? I really love the leather version (hehe but i always prefer leather versions :p)
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: CADDY!!!
  13. There are going to be new Gallery totes for the fall. You might want to wait until the next PCE in September. As for a tote I would get one of the large Ergo Totes and in particular the Ergo Vintage Vachetta tote No. 11011. It is the nicest of the Ergo Totes in my opinion. I love it so much I bought the turquoise color too!
  14. Thanks for the responses, I'm going to go look today! Hopefully, my gold Carly will make a visit as well!