Looking for a new SA

  1. Sigh, my Coach SA has left and gone home until her baby is born...and she isn't coming back. (Oh, I'm so hapy for her, just sad for me!)

    So I need a new SA--quickly, because I want to order a GiGi signature tote in Brass/Brown before my PCE discount ends.

    Is there a SA here who's looking for a new customer who does all her shopping (well, as much as is humanly possible!) by checking out the website and then calling you and ordering over the phone?

    Feel free to PM me!

    edited to add: I get to buy the GiGi because I just signed a new client today! Of course, it's less than 6 weeks until our election day, so I'll be going crazy until then, but I'll be a crazy bag lady with a really great bag!