Looking for a new necklace pendant

  1. I dont know if i want something in the .925 tiffany line or what.... Im just looking for a new pendant, budget under $200 so nothing diamond but any suggestions?

    I really like the little tiffany locks or anything initial... Any ideas? I usually wear sterling or WG
  2. I really love the tiffany elsa peretti initial pendants in sterling silver. The only thing is some of the letters are almost too "artsy" for my taste. You can't tell that some of them are actually letters. My first initial is "M" and I really don't like the "M" in that collection. I think the M is just too plain and straight compared to some of the other letters. There are so many tiffany silver pendants to choose from. There are also lots of lock pendants including initial ones. I believe all those are under $200.
  3. I have the regular Tiffany locket. It was too heavy to wear around my neck and ended up putting it on my skinny-mini!

    I love love love the sterling Tiffany line...it is great for dress up or every day! Good luck!