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  1. well bag that is. I haven't bought a new bag in over a year. The last one I purchased was the lv neo speedy last Sept. so I feel that I deserve a new bag. I was thinking of getting a white leather bag (I don't have a bag that color yet), even though it is almost fall. So I've tried on the bv woven hobo (the leather and suede is nothing like I've ever felt), ysl muse, chanel 2.55 classic flap. Although these styles are extremely gorgeous to me, I have yet to find a white bag that I've fallen in love with. I am partial to slightly bigger bags (I love being able to throw everything inside), any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    there's no buying or selling in tPF, thanks
  2. How about the Coach soft duffle? It's all white(comes in other colors, but the white is by far the most beautiful), leather, and quite roomy. I think they went to the outlets now b/c of the new bags that came in, but you'll get it cheaper at the outlets anyways. You can google "coach soft duffle white" to get a better idea of what it looks like.
    Also, just so you know, you aren't allowed to sell on the purse forum at all, including via PM.;)
  3. The Damier Azur line will be out in Oct....he he..and it is white with blueish checkers...people are on the waiting list already at LV...:graucho:

    There is a thread with pictures too....;)
  4. I agree with the Coach soft duffle. I've seen it in person and it's quite a beauty. Chanel will always look fab in white. What about a bag from LV's suhali line? White is the color the Suhali line looks best in IMO.

  5. I Vote for Lv's suhali :yes:
  6. ooooo, suhali in white is gorgeous!!!!
  7. Browsing this forum ull have so many options.. lets hope you can decide on one easily.. i'm afraid ull get the fever to buy more than what u bargained for!
  8. ^^^^I've been collecting bags since I was 17...I'm 23 now. I think I'd have a good size down for a place with all the money I've spent on bags. lol.
  9. i love the white Gryson Olivia bag. i have it in 2 different colors and i live in them!
  10. wut about the white petit shopper? very nice for a very good price :biggrin: