looking for a new laptop

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  1. after going through so much drama:cursing:with circuit city
    finaly they gave my money back .
    when they did an upgrade they didnt call everex and that voided out the warranty
    so they had no choice but to gve me back my money :yahoo:
    wich means were not stuck with a virus filled broken computer
    :wlae: so now we need a new laptop . im going to shop around first
    and any help info would be great i was thinking a hp maybe
    but not too much $$
    i want something that is 1 gb or more and a batter life over 2 hrs
    if any one knows any info any deals please let me know
    so if you know of any laptop even if its not hp please let me know
    just please no everex :smile: thanks
  2. You should get a macbook. I know it's more money, but it is SO worth it. You don't ever really need to worry about getting a virus or any of those sinister PC diseases.
    Once you switch to a mac you'll never question the extra money b/c it's such a great computer.
  3. why do you keep starting the same thread over and over again?
    Please stop.
  4. im not starting the same thread over and over i gave an update and a breif summary of what happen and if any one new of any laptop deals .
    i do apoligize if i did anything wrong or against the forum rules.
  5. An HP is great dont get an acer and my opinion dont buy from Best buy. I heard that sears is really good because they have good warranty.

    Good luck
  6. I understand your frustration, but this thread is for listing deals and steals, not questions about where to find deals.
  7. best to just go back to your original thread and post your update:yes:
    You have posted about this topic a few times, once is plenty:biggrin:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.