Looking for a new job while happy at my current one.

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    Hi there, I did a search and nothing turned up.

    My biggest problem is that I'm having a very hard time "pulling the trigger" on applying for new jobs. I'm lucky in that there seems to be some options out there in my area for people with my skillset, but I've only applied to two of the 15 or so positions that I've bookmarked, because, all in all, I have it so good at my current company and don't want to start over, but need to soon because there's a lot of instability.

    So can I get some encouragement? I know what I need to do and I'm planning on doing it, but my heart is breaking a little bit because I never expected to find a job and company I love so much so early in my career.
  2. It sounds like you're good at your current job. What about it is unstable? Have you been told that you're going to be laid off?
  3. Lots of layoffs recently, across our industry. I'd like to do a similar job in a different industry (my skillset is one that transcends industries, so I'm pretty good there).

    I'm worried that my position will be cut in the next layoff.

    Sorry, I had those details in my OP but edited them out because I don't want to be found out at my company that I'm open to other opportunities.
  4. My advice then, to get the encouragement rolling, is to start small. Keep looking for jobs and making some changes to your resume. In the meantime, though, keep doing your best at your current job.
  5. our Dean once said there's a difference between being happy and being content...
  6. If you're happy with your current place maybe you can explore some possibilities that you need in order to move on. Have a casual talk with your boss.
  7. think of all the bills you'll have to pay with no paycheck after you get laid off.
    that might give you the motivation :smile:
  8. Do you work for someone / are part of a team? Is there a chance that the people (or the head of your group) would get picked up by another company such that you could transition with them?

    If not, I would start putting feelers out there ASAP. You do not want to be put into the position where you are one of the last people still at the company, but cannot move to another because all those slots were filled months earlier when others knew that they needed to start looking elsewhere.
  9. Good points, all of them. :smile: Thanks for the encouragement!
  10. You just need to go to a couple of interviews and get the feeling of the market.
  11. Whilst it doesn't hurt to be prepared (at all, in fact it's really smart) if there is a possibility you may be laid off then I'd try and hang in then until you know for sure - you could potentially be in for a nice pay off, or you might find out your job isn't at risk at all!

    Be prepared for change but don't jump, how bad would you feel if you left and your job wasn't at risk at all?