Looking for a new bag...


just me....Paula!
Jan 21, 2007
I've been thinking about things, and have decided that I want a new bag. I never ever use my speedy or my papillion anymore, so its time for them to say goodbye. My petite noe is still fabulous, but is a bit big at times. I love the size of my speedy 25, but its not a shoulder bag and therefore just isn't ME. I honestly wouldn't have bought it for myself, but since it was passed down from my grandmother, who am I to complain?

Which bags do you think are the best speedy sized shoulder bags? (I'm 5'/95lbs if that helps any) Most likely I'm going to be buying used with the lovely Bush incentive check thats going to be sent out because other than that, I'm completely and utterly banned from purchases until our debt is under control.

Also, what do you suggest as to listing things on ebay? The papillion was bought through let-trade and the speedy was handed down. Do you think ebay would take down my auctions since i dont have paperwork from a boutique for these bags?


Aug 12, 2007
From my experience, eBay won't remove your auction simply because you don't have papers.

Are you sure you want to sell your grandmother's bag?