looking for a new accessory

Mar 13, 2006
I am looking for a new accessory for my Speedy 25 in Mocha Epi. No wallets though...I have two non-LV ones...plus, can't afford anything big now.

One little problem (which most of you might not even see as a problem)...the hardware on my Mocha Speedy is not gold as on most bags/accessories but titanium! Wouldn't a cute key/change holder with gold hardware look a little odd with titanium?

Ignoring the problem above, I am choosing between:

(1) Monogram Pouchette
(2) Monogram Wapity Case (it looks REALLY tiny!...what fits in there?)
(3) Monogram Key/Change holder

Which one would you choose if you only had one LV so far and wanted to expand your collection a little?



nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
I would definitely go for the pochette, you can put it in your speedy where it can be a divider for all your things, plus if you bring your both you have something little to take with you if you're going out after dinner for drinks that isn't as big.